Selling Your Older Car: Why a New Paint Job Matters
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Selling Your Older Car: Why a New Paint Job Matters

Last year, I bought a new car. Rather than trade in my old one, I decided to sell it myself. Before I put it in the market, I took the car to a local shop and got my old baby a new paint job. The new paint made all the difference with the car. While operationally it was sound, the outside was not all that great. After the fresh coat of paint, the car generated a lot of attention from prospective buyers. I even had a bidding war going on between two parties who really wanted it. If you have an older vehicle to sell, it pays to invest in a new paint job. Let me tell you more about why this strategy works. Follow my tips for selecting the color and the paint type, and you'll get a great price for the old jalopy.

Selling Your Older Car: Why a New Paint Job Matters

4 Great Ways to Protect Your Vehicle's Paint Job from Harsh Winters

Nora Boyd

Winter is a beautiful but harsh season. All that snow, rain, ice, and road salt can be tough on your vehicle's paint job. That's why it is important to know how to protect your vehicle before damage occurs. Your local auto body shop can be a great partner with helping you protect your vehicle. 

#1 Get a High-Quality Wax Job Before the Start of Winter

At the end of fall, take your vehicle into your auto body shop and have them apply a high-quality wax to your vehicle. They will apply a high-quality wax that has a higher protection quality then the basic wax you would apply yourself. They will apply the wax over your entire vehicle to ensure an even application. This wax will also help protect your vehicle from damage from salt and all the dirt your vehicle encounters during the winter time.

#2 Take Your Vehicle Through the Car Wash

It may be too cold outside for you to wash your car on your own, but that doesn't mean that you can't keep your car clean. In the winter, go through your local car wash instead to keep your vehicle clean. Many car wash businesses offer monthly package deals, which you can take advantage of during the winter time.

When you get your vehicle washed, be sure to pay to have the undercarriage sprayed. Salt can really destroy the undercarriage of your car when left alone all went. You can also have your auto body shop apply a rust inhibitor spray to the bottom of your vehicle. This will help keep rust from forming on the bottom of your vehicle and make the undercarriage of your vehicle a little easier to clean when you take it through the car wash. 

When you get a car wash, you will also want to get a wax spray for your vehicle to increase the surface protection of your vehicle.

#3 Patch Up Any Rust

If you ever spot rust on your vehicle, even a spot of rust that is smaller than the end of a pencil, take care of it right away. Rust can easily spread and destroy your vehicle, so you need to take care of rust as soon as it appears. Sand the rust away, seal up the area, and apply new paint and wax over the previously rusty area. This will protect your vehicle from spreading rust, which can really destroy your vehicle.

If you are not up to the task of repair rust, this is the exact kind of task that your auto body repair shop can help you with. They can remove any small rust spots and cover up the area with paint. If you have let the rust take over, an auto body shop can even replace an entire body panel, which is another common technique that can save your vehicle from rust. 

#4 Be Gentle with Removing Snow

If you park your vehicle outside, you need to be careful about how you remove the snow from your vehicle. Use a soft brush that is specifically designed for removing snow. Don't use the ice scraper for your windshield on the body of your car; this will damage the paint job and result in you needed to go back to the auto body shop to repair scratches to the paint job. 

If you have any questions, partner with an auto body repair shop to apply wax to your vehicle, spray the undercarriage of your vehicle with a rust inhibitor spray, and get rid of any rust on your vehicle. Keep in mind that the repairs your local auto body shop can do extend beyond collision damage; they can also help with preventative auto repairs as well.