Selling Your Older Car: Why a New Paint Job Matters
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Selling Your Older Car: Why a New Paint Job Matters

Last year, I bought a new car. Rather than trade in my old one, I decided to sell it myself. Before I put it in the market, I took the car to a local shop and got my old baby a new paint job. The new paint made all the difference with the car. While operationally it was sound, the outside was not all that great. After the fresh coat of paint, the car generated a lot of attention from prospective buyers. I even had a bidding war going on between two parties who really wanted it. If you have an older vehicle to sell, it pays to invest in a new paint job. Let me tell you more about why this strategy works. Follow my tips for selecting the color and the paint type, and you'll get a great price for the old jalopy.

Selling Your Older Car: Why a New Paint Job Matters

Signs You Should Repaint Your Car

Nora Boyd

Painting your car gives it a whole new appeal. Here are signs you need to repaint your car.

You hate the current color

If the current color of your car doesn't match your personality or you want your vehicle to have a more unique hue, talk to an auto painting service about custom paint jobs. A custom paint color doesn't have to be neon or super noticeable, it can simply be a unique combination of hues to create a color that is all its own for your vehicle.

Or, you can simply have your car repainted the same color it already is but with a metallic or pearl addition. Adding texture and depth to you current car color gives your vehicle a whole new look.

You have dents or scratches

A dent or scratch on your car is not only unsightly, these small flaws can lead to rusting and corrosion of your vehicle's frame. If you can see metal underneath the areas where your car has been damaged, then your vehicle needs to be repainted to protect the framework.

It's best to repaint your entire car rather than try to color match the existing color. Painting your whole vehicle will freshen the look of your car and give it a quick and noticeable upgrade by protecting the body of your automobile.

You want to sell your car

A flaking, peeling, or fading paint job on your car may make your vehicle less desirable to buyers. If you want to sell your car, investing in a basic paint job can add value to your vehicle that you can recoup in your asking price.

Keep in mind that painting your car a basic hue, like silver, tan, or white, is your best option for reselling your vehicle. Custom colors may put off potential buyers and make your car harder to sell than traditional colors.

You want the exterior to match the interior

If the interior of your car looks pristine and like-new but the outside of your car could use some work, get a paint job on your car so your vehicle looks good inside and out. A paint job can be as simple as a touch up or as complex as changing the hue entirely to give your vehicle a completely new look.

The right auto paint specialist will help you choose the ideal color for your car. Invest in a professional vehicle paint job to ensure longevity. For more help, contact a company like Sam's Automotive Reconditioning Center.